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Comox All Candidates Forum – Candidate Responses: Oct 7, 2022


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Read Dr. Kerr’s announcement about running for re-election for Comox Council.


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Listen to Jonathan’s answers at the 2021 All Candidates Forum (click here) 

  • 6:54 min – Jonathan’s introductory remarks
  • 15:40 – Addressing Climate Change
  • 26:48 – Efficient use of Taxes and Long-term planning
  • 32:25 – Family Doctor recruitment in Comox and support for local non-profits
  • 37:40 – Accessibility, Inclusion, and Diversity
  • 41:10 – Supporting local businesses and addressing the labour shortage
  • 54:22 – Focus on family, children, and youth
  • 59:45 – Infrastructure needs, the marina, and traffic safety
  • 1:12:36 – Affordable Housing
  • 1:19:01 – Listening to Comox residents and community engagement
  • 1:29:20 – Recreation and Active Transportation
  • 1:35:47 – Long term planning and asset management
  • 1:40:15 – Mental Health and the opioid crisis
  • 1:44:35 – Increasing housing density and the Town’s relationship with K’ómoks First Nation
  • 1:51:40 – Closing remarks





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