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“Since we have known Jonathan he has consistently supported local businesses and expressed his passion and commitment to making the Comox community an even better place to live, work and play.”

Blythe and Kurt Reimer, owners, Tidal Café, Comox


“He’s a warm, likable no-nonsense person who gets things done. He won the town’s byelection last November, campaigning on a three-pronged promise that included bringing more family doctors to the area. He delivered by personally setting up a Comox Valley-wide taskforce that has successfully brought 13 new doctors to our region since January. He’s not afraid to take principled stands and is always willing to negotiate and comprise to find win-win solutions.”

Decafnation News


“Jonathan Kerr embodies the spirit and meaning of public service, not only through his practice and efforts to connect residents to family doctors in the valley, but through his consistent and documented outreach as a councillor since elected. Not only does he embrace accountability by sharing how he votes and his stance on issues before council, he makes a true effort to get feedback on what Comox residents think and feel about their community.As someone who once covered civic affairs at a much higher level, I can speak to how rare this level of engagement still is.  A welcome addition to council.”
Laila Yuile, former Columnist and BC Political Commentator


“I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Jonathan Kerr for our Town of Comox Council. His dedication to his work, family, and community shows up in everything he does. He is knowledgeable, hard-working, and holds a unique moral and ethical code that our community and world needs more of.”
Nicole Minions, Councillor, Town of Comox


“Jonathan is one of the brightest people I know. He is passionate, energetic, and gets things done. As a Councillor for the Town of Comox, I would see him contributing valuable input to our decision-making, especially with mitigating climate change and tackling the shortages of affordable housing.”
Alex Bissinger, Councillor, Town of Comox


“Dr. Kerr would contribute a compassionate, logical, caring, and science-based voice to the Council table. I believe he has a genuine commitment to the health and well-being of Comox residents.”

Stephanie McGowan, Councillor, Town of Comox

“I have known Dr. Kerr for many years and he is the perfect person to fill my seat on Council. Jonathan is dedicated to the health and well-being of the residents of Comox and I know he has the listening skills, passion, intelligence, and decision-making ability needed for the role. I endorse Dr. Kerr for Comox Council 100%.” 
Pat McKenna, recent Councillor, Town of Comox

“We feel that Dr. Jonathan Kerr has the best platform for climate action in Comox. Jonathan has a clear platform for housing affordability, healthy environment, tackling climate change, parks, forests, shorelines, wildlife, active transportation, relationship with K’omoks First Nation, Garbage, Recycling, Inclusion, Diversity, Caring for all residents and more. Jonathan actively engages with the community and supports the CYCC’s Green New Deal.”
Comox Youth Climate Council

One candidate, Jonathan Kerr… answered ‘yes’ to the remaining questions, which indicates the greatest alignment with Breathe Clean Air’s approach to dealing with wood smoke in our towns.” 

Breathe Clean Air Comox Valley

“Jonathan Kerr has a deep understanding of key issues and how we should go about fighting climate change and help foster equity and fairness to all of our citizens.”
Joe Keithley, Burnaby City Councillor


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